Moral Conundrum - Short Changed

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« on: April 26, 2013, 12:21:35 am »
Say you're at a pie shop - you're looking at the pies, then you overhear the customer ahead of you claiming he gave the counter person $10, not $5. Both sides speak their claim, in every slightly louder voices.

To you (or heck, lets be honest, to me), the customer seems to genuinely believe his claim. And while you find the lady behind the counter to be kind of bitter, but you think she's the kind who is honest in order to better stab at a world which made her bitter ("See, I am better!"), so is probably even more honest. Or maybe that's a charitable reading.

Customers an old man - he says the ten was the only note in his wallet. Maybe he miss saw.

Then again, if you're down to $10 in your wallet (to the point where you definately know that's all you've gote), why are you buying sugery treats?

For myself, I didn't know what to say - I was stuck in a loop of waiting for more information.

Anyone have anything like this raised in school? I mean, surely it matters somewhat (sure, it doesn't matter to being a more efficient cog in some corporate CEO's empire, but all the same...)