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Small web comic series: DriftWurld Trader


What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Callan S. ---A pretty basic little arrangement, I wont oversell it! However I'm trying a new sort of conversational approach to writing and creatively it's proving more fluid to produce, which I'm glad for. Pitching some words out...listening...

Here's the main spiel:
Starting a sprite based series in a wilderness setting. Wrote some code in a programming language to help layout the many elements of the page.

If you're swooning for some bittersweet 'I struggle and I barely get anywhere in a horrible landscape, but Imma gunna tough it out and slowly but surely power up' stuff, here's one of them tales!

Boot strap fantasy ahoy!

Read the comic, watch the protagonist slowly claw his way up in the world and latter you can say you saw him through the struggle. Assuming he survives. 5 days a week!


Eventually to be tied in with a text based game.
--- End quote ---


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