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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Madness ---One of my few unpublished submissions to my buddy's University Zine while he was editor.

--- Quote from: Madness ---Change is Coming

“The mind is the only technology”

- Anon.

Humanity is a species divided. Divided and ruled, by abstract distinctions we individually and collectively create and embody. The majority of our population lives in squalor of historical proportions under worldwide monetary totalitarianism. The minds holding any useful esoteric practicalities, keep them hidden behind the abstraction of value, earned only through the subjugation of life, the dedication of years and fortunes. Our learned academia stay locked away in their ivory towers, tinkering with the very fabrics of our reality. Our leaders mime corporate propaganda, aping absurd customs of the rich and famous while placating the powerful masses. We live, divided, separated by the different chasms of belief, which define the very foundations of our individual human lives.

Humanity in the next fifty years faces a historical diversity in choice, some of which seem to comically outdistance our capacity to rationally decide. Archaic revival. Cosmetic neurology. Genetic recombination. Transhumanism. Particle acceleration. Ideas and practices that will forever alter and unbind humanity’s form in nature. I am unwilling to contemplate many apocalypses for these seem to uniformly, expediently, demand attention. Our species is too immature, vain and prideful in our individual conceptions, and ultimately ignorant of any sense of true “objectivity,” or at the very least, a more accurate consensual one.

While there are many things to consider over the next fifty years, this historical crux we experience will inevitably prove to be various symptoms of our individual psychologies, manifesting the shattered noosphere of social and cultural socio-psychological existences. There remains so little understanding of what humankind is actually capable of, in our biologically innate states, so much muddied and diluted knowledge, that somehow we feel capable, heartened even, in hurrying towards any number of the sometimes horrifying decisions we can never remake, decisions that those of us living will fundamentally settle with our sweat, blood, and tears.

There is an aphorism that Einstein used only eight percent of his brain capacity while we on average use only four or five percent today. While both the method and measure of these observations are likely flawed or outdated, it seems that academia is slowly, honestly, and inevitably describing such a reality. We are learning that the human brain is, for all our current purposes and definitions, infinitely plastic and pliable. That human brain plasticity exists, a structure of monumental adaption.

This sketches some immediate concepts in the literature and in the implications. It becomes more and more likely that we humans, and really everything we hold dear and true in a conceptual sense as well as culturally and socially, is but one of the infinite configurations of human neurology. Consciousness as an emerging evolution has a vehicle of unimaginable potential in human physiology. However, as neuroscience, and other disciplinary efforts, begin their exponential dissemination through our social and cultural conceptual structures, this understanding will simply breed new variations on control and domination; granting more power to organizations of ignorance and indifference. The concepts that will allow us to actively interact our technological, social, and cultural environments with our minds, allowing for psychologically and physically successful technological augmentation, will be used to further enforce our culturally propagated worldview of monetary slavery.

There is a heartening side of practicality to this madness. Principles, foundations, of these new understandings are being uncovered to tip the balance, allow for creative and imaginative solutions for humanities problems.

Our human neurology seems to be highly responsive to the structures of awareness within itself. Accumulated evidence seems to suggest that anything we could learn or do, language, athletics, art, is only as neurologically difficult as it is at any given moment. The more we practice and pay attention to the sensual experience involved, the more diverse and networked our neurology, ability, and most importantly understanding, becomes. Furthermore, the combination of meditation, multiple languages, musical ability, ambidexterity, martial athleticism embodied in any one person, showcase our ability to increase our individual and collective intelligences and understandings through conscious and natural manipulation; certain fundamentals that allow for fluid, creative intelligence the world over.

Our individual understandings of the world, for all intensive purposes, create and sustain our social, cultural, and seemingly physical reality. Humans and organizations of power have none except through our acceptance while we likewise have no power so long as we are convinced of our erroneous circumstances. And it very much seems that little abstract internalizations change everything.

The fact remains that we each possess the known universe’s complex evolutionary emergence: the human brain. While academically and socially, we’re using this knowledge to augment ourselves in terrible ways, to bridge the chasm between what we are and our wildest fantasies, we have the ability to rectify some human error, learn to maximize and utilize the potential of almost seven billion human brains to help expand and improve on our ways of life.

We stand at two doors, one to some atheistic nightmare, except it will no longer be skin we’re carving for ignorant contentment, it will be the very core our beings, things we have only begun to understand and another to world of unimagined creative and innovation, where we raise ourselves up, realize the best in each other, in all our human potential.

Change is coming.
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