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Some recursive belly button observation re: writing

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--- Quote from: Francis Buck ---Yeah I've been neglecting this place a bit, mainly because I accidentally lost all my bookmarks, and I tend to migrate to the stuff that's at the top of my bookmark bar. Added back in now though.

What happened with your NaNo story Callan? Are you still working with that at all?
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Callan S. ---Hi Francis, thanks for asking :)

I essentially wrote 50k in non sequential blocks. Like textual lego I could plug them together, with a bit more text as glue. It's a question of order and...something-something-literature! But writers block strangely haunts me here - I dunno, I got the 50k out for nano, but then the goal was clear: write 50k. Now the goal is lost in the infinity of a blue sky and I guess analysis paralysis grabs me. Then add on the likely absent fiscal element. It's funny how with nano the prize of winning is one of honour - that's not exactly tangible. And yet I was willing to work for non tangible food! It's like working for high fives! Now the reward is nothing - even less than the non tangible or a high five!

Well, that's enough possitivism from me!
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