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Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the text says "lopped" indicating that they were cut off at some point rather than being a case of ectrodactyly.

(click to show/hide)Before I returned to this forum after completing TUC, I had an inkling that he was going to play a major role in defeating TNG. This was before I knew there were going to be more books ( so I still may be right, but by the end of the book I was like, "Where did he go? He survived the skinspy only to disappear into the wild ... ". My thinking was his "defectiveness" would ironically be the special brew ( of genetics ) to defeat Mog/The Consult, that the Dunyain lacked dimensions and were eliminating defectives to their detriment, too focused on their pursuit, too quick to eliminate persons who could've helped them on their path as well as defend them against attacks, etc. A "human" Dunyain could well be the "hero" the world needs. I was thinking his "defect" was emotion as well, but could've been physical - something The Mutilated has learned the hard way, physical "defects" don't denote weakness

Cynical Cat:
Crabicus's mental abilities seem to be on the lower end of the Dunyain scale (he catches on pretty quick, but he's not good at deception) and that's why he was suspected of being defective.  Remember he hadn't been declared Defective yet, but he was probably developing slower than he should have (these are the Dunyain, of course they would track childhood development) and so they were suspecting he would turn out to be defective.  He's clearly a phenomenally talented boy by reasonable standards, but the Dunyain care about chasing the Absolute.

Simas Polchias:

--- Quote from: Sausuna on August 16, 2017, 04:11:43 pm ---Did it ever outline what his defect was?

--- End quote ---

My main bet is... it's a biggest, reddest herring in the whole series. Boy have a perfectly normal hand, nothing to worry about. It's just that late duniyain at last got in some positive-feedback mistake because of their advanced body-reading skill and mistreated the impression.

Or -- he is as much advanced duniyain to Koringhus as Koringhus was to Kellhus and thus pragmas were unable to see his superiority, just like with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integer_overflow error. They saw him as flawed because he stepped over to somewhere where they will never ever be capable of walking at all.

I always thought that his hand was hurt during the fighting with the Sranc. And, I agree with Simas, they thought him defective for some other reason. I could be wrong about the hand, but I don't remember it ever being stated as that was the reason for him being defective.

I am very excited to read about him, and his POV of the world as an untrained Dûnyain. I think it might be the case that he is on a higher level than Koringhus and that they never noticed it because he was thought defective. It's great that he's basically superhuman, but doesn't have the outlook on life like other Dûnyain, the Logos and all that.


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