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What you didn't like in the series or what it lacks?/Excessive Segue of Calvalry

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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: coobek ---I must say its very difficult task to state that. But I think the series lacks humorous moments. I cannot remember laughing while reading.

While other authors, esp A.Sapkowski, can make my eyes cry with laugher.

I guess you should not cry when you reading a Bible... is that kind of literature and therefore humorous moments were ommited?

Did you find humor lacking in the series? What else you did not like?

Don't send me to Inchies for interogation for bringing this topic up...
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Madness ---Heretic!

Nah... that's what I love about this place. Baseline dissension is the norm & "Fallible Human" is the reflex argument here but one that we ultimately work past in our discussions - unlike pretty much every other argument in the real world.

+1 for Disagreeing, Agreeing, & Nerdaneling.

Hm... I experience levity reading Bakker's books in other ways - though, I've laughed and smiled with many character in their small moments of triumph against the injustices (a strange anachronistic distinction, actually).

It's the Second Apocalypse, coobek ;). You want laughs, read Disciple.
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: WillemB ---Wow, there is a heavy tone to the series ("lugubrious" was a word that Bakker applied at one point) but there are definitely some hilarious moments.  Here's one that made me guffaw from The Warrior Prophet:

--- Quote ---“What could they possibly talk about all the time?”

Caught mid-swallow, Kellhus held out a hand. “I’ve heard them,” he said, his eyes wry and bright. “Their conversations sound something like this . . .”

Esmenet was laughing already. Everyone else leaned forward eagerly. In addition to mischievous wit, Kellhus had an uncanny gift for voices. Serwë fairly chortled with excitement.

Kellhus assumed an imperious and warlike face. He spat between his feet, then in a voice that raised goose pimples, so near was it to Cnaiür’s own, he said: “The People do not ride like sissies. They place one testicle to the left of the saddle, one testicle to the right, and they do not bounce, they are so heavy.”

“I would,” Kellhus-as-Proyas replied, “be spared your impudence, Scylvendi.”

Xinemus coughed a mouthful of wine.

“That is because you do not understand the ways of war,” Kellhus-as-Cnaiür continued. “They are hairy, and they are dark, like the cracks of unwashed wrestlers. War is where the sandal of the world meets the scrotum of men.”

“I would be spared your blasphemy, Scylvendi.”

Kellhus spat into the fire. “You think your ways are the ways of the People, but you are wrong. You are silly girls to us, and we would make love to your asses were they as muscular as those of our horses.”

“I would be spared your affections, Scylvendi!”

“But you would live on,” Esmenet cried out, “in the scars I cut into my arm!”

The camp fairly shrieked with laughter. Xinemus hung his head between his knees, shuddering and snorting. Esmenet rolled backward on her mat, screaming in her enticing and adorable way. Zenkappa and Dinchases leaned against each other, their shoulders jerking. Serwë had curled into a ball, and seemed to weep with joy as much as laugh. Kellhus merely smiled, looked about as though mystified by their hysterics.
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Ajokli ---I actually found Akka spitting in the face of that guard on his way to Kellhus' coronation pretty funny the second time around
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Madness ---A Moment of Levity[/b]
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