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Community generated content ;D. I think three is a good number of people, whoever participates, if it is one of the mod team who "host." It will always take some effort for any three people to coordinate.

Looking forward to it.

Perhaps Bakker could guest star in a future episode.  ;)

Looking forward to it!

Feananra just said that, here's the correction:

Face-ball peering nose-directional to entity in question!

TSACast #1 - May 12/14: Francis Buck, Wilshire, Madness

EDIT: Hi all. The link that seems to be working for everyone is:

--- Quote from: Madness on May 14, 2014, 07:34:10 pm ---http://justcast.herokuapp.com/shows/387/audioposts

--- End quote ---

But now... iTunes link ;D:


Original message:

I'm still working on getting it into the iTunes podcast library and it's my hope that Bakker will link the TSACast on TPB eventually.

I'm also learning how to do this and there seems to be a lot to go over in order to distribute effectively. Apologies for any issues anyone has accessing, streaming, or downloading the first episode.

Also, forgive us that this is our first TSACast. There was probably some minor editing to be done but I think the moments of distortion are basically irreparable (but I don't know anything about audio files). I think the three of us are just excited to get it out there.

Also, also... there is much profanity ;).

Cheers. Hope everyone likes the attempt. I know I had fun making it - especially as I've got the downs hard right now so I was surprised that the conversation could pick me up so much. I basically just forget it's us talking and enjoy the fact that someone, anyone, is talking TSA online.

Thanks to Wilshire and FB for being a part of it.

As of this posting, that link doesn't work.

Also, we need to work on our "signing off" thing, as I found that incredibly lame (as noted in the podcast lmao).

Otherwise it went as well as one might expect of a couple of guys who have never met, talking for the first time, with almost no plan and/or experience in the ways of public broadcasting.

Maybe we'll work on the profanity next time.... or not. We could probably bleep out the cursing if it was offensive.


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