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Has anyone bought the Kindle version of Neuropath from the amazon US store? Because I just did and... didn't this book have sections written entirely in italics preceding every chapter? Including at the very beginning of the book? Because I seem to be missing all of them.

The story does include italicized sections and, as far as I recall, one of them does precede the first chapter. It's definitely not every chapter though.

Okay, thanks. But I just skimmed through the whole book and my version doesn't have any of them. I also recall there being an afterward in the paperback which I can't find here either.

Seriously, what the hell? Those were my favorite bits. (Huh? Does this forum not have a temper tantrum emoji? Man... this has to be the worst day ever.)

That's ridiculous, I can't think of a reason why'd they do that...


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