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Kellhus' Children's Names

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Kayûtas - A reference to Nau-Cayûti?
Theliopa - ?
Serwa - A Serwë reference.
Inrilatas - A reference to Inri Sejenus?
Samarmas - Samarmau Uän, one of the Pragma?
Kelmomas - A reference to Celmomas.

This leave Theliopa as the only one I am thoroughly clueless as to where the name come from.  The only thing I could puzzle is a reference to Aethelarius, but I am certainly stretching there.

Francis Buck:
I actually hadn't heard of the Samarmas - Samarmau connection, but that has to be it. The others are all pretty straight-forward...except for Theliopa, as you've noted. I don't recall ever hearing a good explanation, but that doesn't mean it isn't out there there.

Personally, I think it could be a reference to Kellhus's mother -- whoever (or whatever) that may be.

I remain very curious about the origins of theliopas name.  Was theliopa the name of esmenets mother?

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Well, lock it up boys, Scott answered this on the Grim Tidings Podcast.

Basically the name he orioginally had for her sucked and he saw that in some Roman history and said, that's it.

Also to note, he mistakes it and pronounces it as Theliopia too!

Lmao. He's maintained since day one in-world pronunciations are subject to readerly preference ;).


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