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The Nevers

I like it so far, 6 episodes and the next 6 episodes next year. At first it seemed like women-can-be-tough-too bullshit, but no, it's much more than that. An uninteresting premise got interesting and some peculiar shit going on makes it entertaining. It plays a trick on the viewer, setting your expectation of fanciful crazy shit, but there's design behind it all. Episode 6 sheds light on stuff, so don't get frustrated at so much unexplained for a while in the story. The dialogue is excellent and so far superior to the plot - the dialogue alone makes this show a winner. I'll stick with it to see if it gets legs, but so far pretty good. Hoping the potential complexity doesn't disappoint. I like it's following the grim-dark frame where no one is purely good or evil. I like the (potential) bad guy, they did a good job with him.

No Sudden Move

On HBO, movie, art crime film. Good in that it has a lot of cool actors and the period looks good, cool cars, etc. Descent, you'll like it if you like art crime movies ( e.g. Pulp Fiction, Snatch ).

Start Trek: Picard and Discovery

I'm not much of a Trekkie - I liked the original show ok growing up, I liked some of the movies, but not enough to care of it's recent resurrection. Long story short, a friend of mine convinced me to watch Picard and Discovery. If you can forgive the inane sci-fi tech, they've done well with the latest installments of the franchise. Picard was excellent, imo - very good writing, nice directing jerking the viewer back and forth, good stuff. Discovery makes me giggle, it's like Tarantino was consulted, LOL! It's a bloody mess, so I like it :). But again, you have to forgive the stupid tech and overacting, but I guess I give it props for not deviating from it's persistent theme of morality to the point of absurdity ( sometimes blowing some fucker out the airlock is the best/obvious decision - in this case, they beam you out into space, LOL! ). Anyways, Discovery has a touch of horror-show, high body count, so that brings the franchise into modern sensibilities somewhat at least. It's almost comical to see the show ride between gritty-dark and over-acted moral decisiveness. Between the 2, Picard does a better job of managing the two, but Discovery has more surprise to it, which is cool.

Anyways, I like it, I'm up to Discovery Season 1, Episode 14 and yes, too saturated with ridiculous made-up tech, but that's a consistent feature of Star Trek, so I guess I can't beat up on the show too much for that. It's certainly better written than it's predecessors. Those who've criticized Picard for not having enough action can get fucked, it's the fact that it was grounded that makes it so much better - there are movies for those who want action with stupid writing, they're called Star Wars episodes 1 - 3. But, I'm not a true Trekkie, so I guess the producers should take the feedback from those who care about it more.


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