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Hi guys, technically a newcomer to the forum, though I have been reading it for a (long) while :) Thanks for all the great discussions!

I recently ordered via amazon the Orbit paper copy on the TWLW - i had read it as an e-book when it came out but I wanted to complete my paper collection and give that meagre support to Bakker anyway. To my dismay, the book is not the same format as the rest on my shelf and the first thing I thought about was return/replace it but when I started checking, I can't at all find online information about a small paperback from Orbit.

All the TPN books and TJE that I have (uk orbit editions) measure just about the same height but all the TWLW editions that I can find are about an inch/2cm higher. Does anybody know any better? This would be a very weird thing to do on the part of Orbit if they only changed the format randomly...

Sorry Jorram, I don't know much about the UK/Tor editions. Everything I've got is from Overlook (much to my chagrin. Not a fan of them.)

That said, matching sets of small US editions from overlook match from TDTCB through WLW. I haven't seen the TGO prints if they have done them in softcover yet. I sometimes think of these as the 'mosaic' editions because of the cover style.

US editions also exist in large paperback editions as well. These match from TDTCB through WLW as well, and have some guy's face on them.

PoN has its own set of original covers that differ form everything else, both in large edition paperback and hardcover. These are your first print editions.

Once you start getting into language translation, everyone's got their own, and I don't know if any have a full matching set.

Welcome (officially) to the Second Apocalypse, Jorram. I commiserate, no matching set of TAE for Canadians either.

It's changed from what's known as an A-format paperback (17.8 cm) to a B-format (19.8 cm)

It's not so much Orbit that's made the change as all UK publishers. Bookshops over here now stock almost exclus B-format these days. Unfortunately it's the new norm, where it used to be A-format. It's especially annoying when it happens mid-series.

It happened with Malazan but Bantam were good enough to put out both formats to complete the set. That said, I had to get them online, only ever seen B-format for Toll the Hounds onwards in stores.

It annoys me too!

Guys, very belatedly, thank you all for the explanations!
The weird thing is that upon my recent trip to London this May, a bookshop seller told me with great confidence that there does, in fact, exist a smaller version of the TPB although they didn't have it on stock...  ???


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