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The Lollipop Factory

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The work in progress title for a scifi short story that Bakker has finished but has not yet got around to publishing.

2018 Update: Yeah it got lost in another hard drive crash. Its my assumption that this will never be published.

... Another dead place.

2020 Update: From Three Pound Brain

--- Quote ---What are the odds that I would finish writing a near-future viral thriller (The Lollipop Factory) just as 2019-nCoV was becoming entrenched in Wuhan?
--- End quote ---

So he at least wrote it. Lets hope he uses "2019-nCoV" hysteria as motivation to publish it.

"I also have a short little SF novel, The Lollipop Factory that I'm hoping to finish." ;).

Wonder if Bakker will succeed in getting this published or not...

I love the title, especially given the context of his other scifi work like neuropath and crash space

I find what I could stand to read of Neuropath and Crash Space extremely disturbing and unnerving. Don't like reading them. At all.


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