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The Lost Zorro Transcriptions

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Very funny so far, BFK. :D Looking forward to more!

*  *  * FRAGMENT THE THIRD *  *  *

[NB: This fragment would appear to precede the second fragment)

....thanks, thank you! Nice crowd tonight! Just want to say again what a privilege it is to open for Prince Kellhus tonight as he continues his Imprompta Tour. <applause>. The Prince and his retinue will be along in a few minutes; right now, it's just me, Zorro, and my scribe, the....illustrious Drusas Achamian <dead silence>.....whoa, tough room! Folks, he's a great guy! Yes, a sorcerer....<hisses>, but still....look at him over there, giving me the ol' stink-eye. Please, folks, a nice round of applause for our esteemed scribe, or your humble servant Zorro here is liable to be crapping his gown right here on stage <smattering of applause>. Thank you, thank you, that just might stay the good man's wrath.

Folks, I'm happy to say that the Scylvendi won't be able to join us tonight. He's scouting, or hunting, or pissed off, or who knows what. So we won't have to deal with his scowling and spitting and generally crappy attitude tonight. <laughter>. Kellhus and the Scylvendi.....the Odd Couple! What a ridiculous pair! One guy is as smooth as silk, the other guy rougher than a dressing-down by Marshal Xinemus! How did this pair ever hook up? Strange days....and getting stranger.

[end of fragment]


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