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--- Quote from: Madness ---Hi everyone.

Ended up doing some fireworks and fire last night after work for Canada Day so I was unable to do a weekly or daily story. sciborg holds the King of Writing moniker on the forum right now - if I can figure out how to give us titles a la Westeros it'll happen ;).

I just thought I'd link the Fan Fic I posted a week or so ago on TPB . I invite everyone who posted one to start a thread for informatics.



Lol, I realize I lack a title, there a couple glaring mistakes - no matter how much you review - and 3817th should be 3817.
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--- Quote from: sciborg2 ---Really good stuff. I think it gets a little confusing toward the end, with the skin spy - is he initially tied up?
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--- Quote from: Curethan ---Very nice.  I enjoyed that.
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--- Quote from: Madness ---Thanks you too. Much appreciated.

The Knight was never tied up, just rocking back and forth beneath the creatures of the Tekne - I actually took some obscene creative liberties with that one, as I'm not sure really why I thought the creature would have such depth as to pray... or even mutter words alone. Probably the scene from WLW, when the thing that was Soma and was Mimara talks to the Sranc, which was more agency then I expected considering the vapidness of the Skin-Spies with Cnaiur in TTT.

Obviously, minus a point for missing a title.

The other thing I took some liberties with that I knew I couldn't speculate too much on the Anarcane Ground within the story - I even call them the Holy Mountains once - as I thought it was easiest to assume that the Gods are somehow responsible for the Anarcane Ground.

Could just as well be an Aporetic Bomb or something that caused the damage.

That leads me to my last point. I felt that the Few, having lived with the sight of onta mostly their entire lives, would suffer somehow, at least like depression or withdrawal, so I made that somewhat central to the tale too.

As for the confusion, well, sciborg, that is the process, eh? I just hope I can get better by working at it.

Mathas fights the Knight, hand to hand - which I made more confusing with typos I caught after I posted - and then realizes he can't win, even though he's been trained by the best from all the Three-Seas. Sounds about right, as Cnaiur only beat the Sarcellus the Second by distraction.

Just thoughts. Cheers. Glad you liked it. Really tried to channel Bakker lol.
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--- Quote from: rubys00 ---wow, that was good!
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