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I had asked a version of this question in one my offerings that made it into the Grimdark Magazine interview but, due to the specific bent of that interview, I thought I'd ask again here.

Between '04 and '11, you released almost a book a year. As opposed to the previous 15+ years tinkering with The Darkness That Comes Before and the various Encyclopedic Glossary entries, this marked an intense period of output for you. Since '11, you've been working on a variety of projects, most notably anticipated being The Unholy Consult, now become The Great Ordeal and The Unholy Consult-proper.

The gap between The White-Luck Warrior's '11 release and this years The Great Ordeal's July release marks the longest in your professional writerly career to date. How, if at all, do you think your writing has changed in the interim? Has the craft been sharpened?

While waiting on publication of The Unholy Consult and Great Ordeal, what else have you been writing?  Have you done any work on additional entries of The Second Apocalypse?


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