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With the advent of TGO neigh, we wanted to spruce up the forum a bit. Since are currently working on transferring to a more stable host (which should fix the posting and PM issues), we wanted to change things up.

We will be sticking with a Simple Machine Forum (SMF), so as to avoid interruptions, but  there is a lot that can be done to re-skin this place and make it not look like it was built in the 90's.

Any and all are welcome to provide feedback, though I can't guarantee any one person will be satisfied with every change.

Some notes:
No dark background with light text.
We are considering buying/designing a custom theme.
This site has some examples of whats possible:;sa=premium;start=0
Alternatively you could go here and select from the dropdown menu up at the top banner one of their themes. This lets you look at a demo site, very cool:
Wish list of features anyone? We will do our best to keep an quorum/IM equivalent.

I feel we should salvage what we can and make the new one look like the old Three-Seas board.  I really liked that look, but I might be in the minority.

^ I like that look too. I would also be partial to something like a light brown, yellowish background like you see on old paper or scrolls in a fantasy kind of way if that makes sense.

It would also be great to have a big colorful banner along the top. Maybe Jason's scene of Kellhus leaving Ishual with "THE SECOND APOCALYPSE" across it?

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In case anyone doesn't remember what it looked like when it was really working, you can see it here: Old Three-Seas Board.

That's a fair suggestion. I really like the intigration of the Rankine covers into most aspects of the old forum.

Any thoughts on some of the themes with a bit more... features? I can't decide if the extra stuff going on, with banners or collapsible menus is just irritating or if it provides some more value. Also, I like the idea of a scroll-able banner, but having it auto-scroll like in most of the themes is nauseating.

I like the thought of having a faded background, similar to what one of the Bakker wikis used to look like using one of the Rankine covers. Something that the forum proper sits on top of.

I was thinking the circumfix as the symbol to the left of all the boards. Its potentially more identifiable than the Tusk with so few pixels, but I also like that idea.

I'd also like to have better links on the top to the various media platforms that 'bakkerfans' has encompassed, and having them exist as symbols (the twitter bird, the facebook f, etc) seems like a simple way to do it without cluttering things.


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