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Sounding the Plate, what're people's thoughts on The Crabikiad?

What is it that the Boy, Crabicus, gets up to?

After I reread Blood Meridian, I'll get back to you.

I have no idea for the time being, and can't figure out why he has a book just for himself. Last time we saw him he wasn't far from the Agongorea, no?  So maybe it chronicle his survival in the wilderness and his philosophical changes?  I read a theory here that I really liked, it says that Crabicus will encounter a secret cult like his also nameless ancestor did in the First Apocalypse.

It could be that the boy is picked up either by the Scylvendi host or Achamian and co as they head south. 

One of the storylines I expect to read in future books is one where Achamian goes to Atrithau (whose king was recently killed by CuS) and is like Seswatha, is expelled. 

I'm confused ... Bakker is writing a book The Crabikiad? Will this be part of the next books proper or a side story?


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