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Dora Vee:
I've been lurking around these boards for quite some time, and I was finally able to register! I actually found out about the series through a Berserk forum when someone compared Kellhus with one of the Berserk characters, but it took awhile for me to get into as it's hard for me to get into new things.

Finally, in late June when my hard drive/entire computer failed and was without one for two weeks. So, I finally started reading the Prince of Nothing then.  I found it slow, at first, but then Kellhus met that sorcerer and then I was all in! :)

This series has become among my favorites if not THE favorite.

Lol  You wouldn't happen to be XionHorsey from Skullknight right? This is 'The Warrior-Prophet'. Good to see you here. Now get back to my reply on the other board, don't wanna cross the streams.  :P

Dora Vee:
Yes, I'm Xionhorsey over there. :) I'm also Dora Vee on the Westeros forums. :D

What makes this your favorite story?

Dora Vee:
IMO, it's so radically different from many of the others. I tend to be a sucker for philosophy and found much of the story interesting and thought-provoking.

This series got to me in ways that no other series actually has and I think that will be hard to replicate.


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