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The Woolwich Foot Tunnel Anomaly

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A time anomaly beneath the Thames.


Whoa! This is wicked! What do you think would've happened if he turned back? I'm thinking he should not have heard the confirmation he made it across, but he did - does he split and there's two of him?

More weird London stuff....


I have a 401k, and I keep adding more each year as I get raises. My dream, is to travel all of Europe and a few other places when I'm retired. There's so much I want to see. But, London would probably be my first stop. For sure. I've always had a affinity for the place. Just imagine it to be a great place. Never watched soccer before, pro that is, and I hear its huge there. Along with anywhere else besides the US (and its growing), and would lobe to take something like that in. And, just so much to see. I mean I'm a mut genetically speaking. So, I have heritage all across Europe and some Slavic regions, that I know of. I'd just love to visit over seas. It seems magical, and I know how that sounds, but its a dream.

Sounds like an elaborate excuse for workers to slack :P


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