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Greeting! I am a Greek fan. Finally I am finished with all the books and I can freely roam this great forum without being afraid of spoilers etc. Its great to have ppl to discuss this incredible tale. Right now I am overwhelmed and everything else feels extremely lacking, meaningless and boring. Even Malazan or ASOIAF. Reading wont be the same!

Welcome to the Second Apocalypse, Erratic21. Sorry about the protracted registration process.

Looking forward to your additions to the monument ;).

No worries! Thanx for accepting me :)

There are a lot of great books out there worth reading, but nothing quite like Bakker.

Despite our best efforts, its always tricky navigating spoilers for books on a forum like this (or anywhere really). Generally speaking, each named subforum (ie The Darkenss That Comes Before) includes open spoilers for all be the books preceding and including it.

So as of right now, The Unholy Consult sub is open spoilers for all content, and General Earwa is open spoilers for everything (always).


Well its not your fault If I read a couple of spoilers. I knew where I was roaming at my own peril :) First major I remember was that Soma was a (click to show/hide)skin spy. After that I was much more careful :D


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