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--- Quote from: Jorge ---Post your favorite 'Literary Fiction' novels and stories.

Here are some of the ones I'm partial to, not many are really 'contemporary'.

The Great Gatsby
The Old Man and the Sea*
Animal Farm*
Cat's Cradle*

Bonus points if you've actually read Infinite Jest.

EDIT: Asterix means I read it on my own without being prompted to by a teacher.
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--- Quote from: sciborg2 ---Oh good, so you got my joke on TPB!

1984 is another good one.

Hamlet (admittedly this is largely because of Slings and Arrows)
Bluest Eye
Invisible Man (the Ellison one)
Borges' shorts
Varied mythologies

Books I am in the midst of that I'd rec' :

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--- Quote from: jogrady ---pylon
tropic of cancer
the good earth
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--- Quote from: Camlost ---Dracula (not really a fan of epistolary form, but I feel it's a needed reminder that vampires aren't just love-sick immortals, or sparkley)
The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, War of the Worlds... most of Wells'  novellas are worth reading in my opinion
Epic of Gilgamesh (if you've read and enjoyed Homer's epics it's worth a checking out)
Call of the Wild
Moby Dick, I mean who doesn't love a story about whales

Many more but those are just off the top of my head. I'd love recommendations, always looking to fill my shelves. Thinking about starting 1984 after I finish up what I'm on now (Treasure Island)
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--- Quote from: Ajokli ---Seconded on anything H. G. Wells

I am Legend
War and Peace
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