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Slaughtermatic - S Aylett


What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Curethan ---I will pimp this book 'til I die.
Find it, read it and inject some meaning into your colourless lives.
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Wilshire ---This is a shallow attempt at pimping. Sure maybe a passing interest, but show us some skin if you really want to sell it. Dare I ask, what is it?
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Curethan ---Hmm, difficult to describe.  The author claims he is a synthete and experiences the writing process as being like chewing gum...
It's very funny - a melding of fantasy, sci-fi and noir, depicting a near future post modern punk world where crime has been elevated to an art-form.  The protagonist (Dante Cubit) is the enfant terrible of this art crime wave in Beerlight and the novel is the story of his masterwork.

The prose is a succinct, punchy series of one liners.  For example (I'm going from memory here ), Dante's girlfriend is introduced and beautifully characterized by noting that she had 'lost a finger in a mood-ring explosion'...

Publisher synopsis:
Full of sass and sarcasm, ultra-cool Dante Cubit and his pill-popping sidekick, the Entropy Kid, waltz into First National with some serious attitude and a couple of snub guns. Within minutes, another (timetraveling) Dante appears - inside the bank vault - and the heist is on. But something's not right. Is it all just a virtual reality prank of Dante's hacker pal, Download Jones? Have Dante and the Kid really heisted the bank? What follows is a tangle of reality and virtual reality. Adding to the fireworks is the very real hitman Brute Parker, hot on the trail and out to exterminate Dante - or is it Dante Two - his rival for the love of the captivating assassin Rosa Control.

Its also nice and short.

It's available cheap on amazon - check it out :)

kindle too! only $6.50!!

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Pimpin enough yet?
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--- Quote from: Wilshire ---I need to check the topics I post in more often.
lmao mood ring explosion

And, yes, I'd say officially pimped if I was any sort of judge in the matter.
The to read list grows.
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