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  1.  Significance of the 4121 deaths
  2.  People of Eanna...he RAFO'ed this like 4 times
  3.  Any mention of the potential survivors of the Ordeal
  4.  The Heron Spear

Confirmed we are gonna see Meppa again.  This pleases me.

He dodged the SHIT out of the statement regarding Shauriatis' fate, while in the same breath destroyed the Mangaecca.

Best quote for me "There's the matter of the last surviving full Dunyain Anasurimbor on the loose--that's what's been commanding my attention most these days."

Also his statement that he is now an exploratory writer.  Makes me a wee bit afraid for the No-God.  The whole exploratory writing thing never really sat well with me in the epic fantasy genre.  It's why I never really enjoyed Song of Ice and Fire.  There's no fun in re-reads when the man is just making up shit as he goes.  Read it once, experience it, then on the shelf it goes, to rot forever more.

All in all, a good solid chunk of shit that confirms(to me, anyway) that some of our crackpot theories are at least swinging in the proper direction, even if they remain crackpot.  I hope he manages to get back on and put some more down, so that I can such it dry(phrasing...boom!).

[EDIT Madness: Title.]

The Unholy Consult / Metaphysics and Twin Souls
« on: August 01, 2017, 10:35:28 pm »
So I have been giving this some thought for some time, back when I thought Kelmomas could be rehabilitated and help the so-called good guys, but with recent twists, it think it has become even MORE relevant, and not just a figment of my over-active imagination. 

Twin Souls i.e. having more than one person in one person.  How would that affect Cants?  I have a few possibilities:

  1.  The extra soul adds inutterals, making Meta Gnostic Cants, or (what?) Ultra Meta Gnostic Cants for someone like Kellhus who can already do Meta Gnostic?
  2.  The extra soul makes his own inutterals, playing off the utterals of the Speaker, but to achieve a different Cant altogether.  Two for the price of one.
  3.  I don't have a third, but lists should have at least three

Then there are the questions...if Shauriatas IS inside the Mutilated, can the fact that he is one of the Few allow the ones who are not among the Mutilated to use Cants?  Does he make the one(s) who are more powerful, or is his soul a distraction?  Which is more important, the utteral or the inutteral?  One completes the other, but must they BOTH be anchored in the mystery of the Few?  Or as long as there is one, the other can compensate? 

Crack-pot and maybe(probably?) a pointless talk, since it may(will?) not come to pass, but it has been gnawing at me for years, so I would love some fellow Apocalypse Nerds' thoughts on this. ;D

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