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Hey guys, first time posting, I wish i knew about this site through the entire series ><

While I was reading TUC, I had a flash back to when Esmenet was visited by the Consult (By skin-spy, or by Aurang himself, different forums say different things and i havent read the first book in about 10 years so i cant remember) and her womb was filled with black seed? I had a thought that maybe they were conditioning Esmenets womb to bear kellhus's children in order to use in the Carapace. After reading the end of TUC I thought there was some merit to it, considering the line of Anasurimbor had been used before, and since Kellhus didnt succumb to the Mutilated reasoning they used his son.

It seems like something the consult would do if they saw that far into events, having a contingency plan to bring about the No-God again. Just curious what other people might think.

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