Inchoroi Gods

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« Reply #15 on: April 03, 2014, 06:51:59 pm »
Lots of good posts in this thread :)

SOA i really like your thoughts, especially :
Three important schools of thought that try to explain the meaning of life made races, all taken through the route of excess.
Not so sure that means everything is as connected, biologically speaking, but the idea sounds plausible.

I think that the Gods originated from Earwa, somehow. Something makes Earwa special in that belief becomes reality. What is not unique is some kind of creation myth, god mythology, etc. So men (and/or nonmen) "created" the Gods/The God with their own self-made myths, and it became reality. Eventually they took a life of their own, grew in power, and extended the "outside" through the Void (outer space), to effect other stars/planets/races.

As the effects became manifest, races like the Inchoroi eventually figured it out, and sought to destroy the entities responsible for their damnation. They didn't/don't know that the Native ?Earwanians? made the Gods, but for some reason they have linked Population size (i.e the pool of believers, and therefore the Gods strength) to the destruction of the Gods.
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« Reply #16 on: April 05, 2014, 04:33:42 pm »
I think we may find out that Earwan was originally inhabited by the Inchoroi who through super-advanced-whatever they made the gods, men, and nonmen, found out they (the Inchoroi) were damned and didn't know why, then took off looking for the promised world where they could undo damnation. 

Generations later, they find the promised world, not knowing it was their original homeworld.  They finally have the technology to undo the damnation of the gods that have oppressed them for so long. 

Also they killed JFK and caused 9/11.