What We Know For Sure

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« on: October 13, 2015, 01:41:05 pm »
Thought it might be useful (in terms of pissing away the time before the Apocalypse) to scribble down those predictions that have just got to be manifest in The Unholy Consult.  Please add!

The Unholy Consult must contain:

- some kind kneeling moment because that was foreshadowed at the end of TTT

- some revelations about the Dunyain because Ak47 and Mims are going into Ishual.  there's still plenty of room for A/M to misinterpret/be mislead about what they see, but they will learn *something*

- some revelations about the Nonmen since Serwa, Moe jr, and convenient narrator, are headed for Ishterebinth

- some revelation about the character of Meppa

- some moment(s) where a very clever character is blindsided by a revelation.  Bakker makes so much of ignorance that there must be a moment when someone makes a terrible mistake because of it.  a Dunyain could plan for some ignorance, but even they can't forsee everything.  in fact, Bakker will get the MOST mileage from his ignorance theme by showing the smartest people being exposed by their unknown unknowns