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« on: January 14, 2016, 05:42:28 pm »
Interesting and informative - hypothetical article - expounding upon Martin's comment that his publishers were prepared to turn around Winds of Winter from submission to publication in three months (had he actually finished before the New Year):
The Existential Scream
Weaponizing the Warrior Pose - Declare War Inwardly
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« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2016, 06:25:11 pm »
Good article, though it makes me vaguely sick.

Reading about all the things that a publisher/editor can and should be doing, and then thinking about the debauched development of TSA, is frustrating.

Having a continuous editor is important? Bakker has had at least 2 if not more from Overlook.
GRRM's a good Editor "... goes to bat with his publisher to maker sure the book gets promoted". Clearly not happening... Something about an unknown artist and the author's own brother developing advertisement rather than the publisher/editor, just doesn't give the feeling that the editor/publisher cares. At all.
The entire section about cover art clearly never happened to Bakker for AE. TGO's cover is recycled from another work even. Bakker doesn't even know who the face is, either the person itself or who in the books they are supposed to represent..... "the cover creation process for most books typically takes between two to four months" - maybe 2 - 4 minutes in photoshop for TGO's cover.
Later, marketing comes up. No point of mentioning it.

So if a book published correctly typically takes 9 - 12 months (bakker would not be a special-case-2-month publication), I'd guess we can probably expect TGO in 4-6 months once the manuscript is sent in:
Their editor won't give two shits, line editing will be a pass through, copy editing just won't exist, cover stuff is done, nix marketing, and rush through the production on shoddy equipment and not worrying about quality control. Boom, you get your slapped together TGO out in a few months.

Did I mention overlook is my favorite publisher?
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