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The White-Luck Warrior / Theory: Earwa is a simulation
« on: December 14, 2013, 09:05:36 pm »
The Dunyain believe that what comes before determines what comes after; i.e. there is some underlying physics / causality that governs what happens in the world. However, their ideology cannot account for sorcery or the apparent interventions of the gods or other things from the "outside" in their world. Sorcerers are visible to other sorcerers by an ugly "bruise" that they leave on the surrounding world.

One explanation for this could be that Earwa is a very sophisticated simulation, in which the physics engine deterministically moves the simulator from one state to the next. What is called sorcery may simply be that intelligent agents in the simulation learn to exploit glitches in the system that allow them to affect the state of the simulator beyond their intended capacity. Such hacks may leave an ugly bruise on the simulated world just as a hacky implementation of a new feature in an otherwise well-designed software system will look disgusting to good software developers.

Since Kellhus is Dunyain, I would expect that he would want to resolve the tension between the Logos (causality) and the outside-intervention he actually observes in the world. This would probably cause him a lot of cognitive dissonance. There are some hints in WLW that he manages to actually venture into the "outside", but he does not provide any big revelations about the true nature of Earwa. What if the "outside" itself has yet another "outside" and so on, indefinitely? Actually this theory is completely generic and it could apply to any story, or even the real world as we know it. But it seems that the books strongly hint at this possibility.

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