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« on: January 26, 2015, 12:44:19 am »
greetings ya x snakeheads my lovelies !!

death to the consult o

so here goes xx ive been trying to create the scriptoral ( or piscatorial or whatever ) version of ainoni as it would appear on earwa o the way characters are written when ainoni is being scribed o ((({ i love high ainon o they are the fourth out of the five original groups who plundered all the secrets of magic from ajoklis book ( a magic book which appears as a gift to every five year old on earwa but which dissapears and leaves the memory on ones eighteenth birthday ) o the five groups which all basically have a section each in the book are the mangecca x the sohonc x the shrivers ( or the ___________ ) x the ainoni ( or the ___________ ) x and the dunyain o })))

my first effort is the following oo
characters with parentisis around them are singular characters o

the script of ainoni only has the following characters oo % t R a b c d e f s u ( ^ or v ) ( M or W ) x Y z 8 ( H or I ) o (xx) (xo) (ox) (oo) (< >) (><) ( ^-v and its derivatives: ----, ^^, vv, v-^, and so on ) @ # ( ____ full underline ) J ( // or / ) ( \\ or \ ) ( _ _ _ _ broken underline ) O * A V ( >||< ) = ( o [ O ] o ) ( AO ) ( OA ) ( . and .... ) which are the same sign basically ( DD ) then the four types of parentisis ( ((( ))) ) D or ( ( ) ) C or ( [ ] ) B or ( { } ) ( V= ) ( .. ) 5 ! ? [as well as the differentiations of ! and ? such as ! !, ! ! !, ! ! ! !, ? ?, ? ? ?, and ? ? ? ? but limited to those variations ] ( ... ) and lastly | which is the best oo a swazond o

ill post a breakdown and explanation of all the figures o
some look different typed than written o

my first question is the following oo can other letters and numbers be used to write or are they limited to just these ?

basically there are 55 characters in their alphabet o

and numbering system ?? i dont know .... how should it work ?


what do persyns think ??
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you know how many
worlds weve gone through to get here
this is the last world

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« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2015, 12:55:15 am »
also there is no capitalization in ainoni o

the characters that are in caps just look like they do x as with the characters in lower case o
you know how many
worlds weve gone through to get here
this is the last world

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« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2015, 11:31:33 pm »
the ainoni alphabet…. numbered letters are first line o then their names o then there explanation if there is one o

1 % oo
called the signet oo
represents a bunch of stuff to the ainoni x namely their whole people first x then it just so happens to be terras symbol that represents terra to the rest of the known universe by which they recognize terrans and terran things o aslo it is a symbol for heresy x face x heretics x ((( qirri ))) x suicide x pipes x and peace o

2 t oo
called a heron oo
the symbol for the ainoni language o aslo means no face x time x and the number one x and is the sigil of Nin`cura Arapniel o

3 R oo
called an argh oo
is the symbol of pirates o

4 a oo
called anarchy oo
each time it appears in a sentence it compounds the meaning of the sentence that many times o

5 b oo
called blasphemy oo
indicates flush of one of the heresies in the surrounding text o

6 c oo
called crush oo
means childhood love and aslo pain x sorrow and horror o the cishaurim use it as a teaching point for those they train to be of them o

7 d oo
called a door oo
the book neverwhere x written by neil gaiman is a popular story on earwa xx a door is named after the principle character from that book o in a sentence with both z and H in it one can leave the text of a book from that sentence to another with all three d and z and H in it and continue reading as if nothing had happened o

8 e oo
called equality oo
means the grammatical tool sic. o symbol of visions o indicates that the author doesn’t know the persyn to whom a character is supposed to stand in for o

9 f oo
called fail oo
means ‘drop-out-now-child’ and signifies a tenant of anarchism o

10 s oo
called silent scream oo
means both a volume button control for a sentence and a balloon animal o

11 u oo
called unity? oo
means hatred of custom x iconoclasm x breaking of and dissolution of the law o the symbol for anagogic spells about unity? and probably the symbol for the whole school of the vokalati x which im pretty sure is made up of olny the ainoni (and is the first school and olny one to use both the psuke and the anagogic methods of sorcery o

12 ^ and v oo
called a tense and a verse x respectively oo
mean aslo and ‘and’ o in text they are expressed silently o the first describes the tense and the second regulates verse in poetry o with an f and an I a tense or verse indicate the main idea in a text o

13 M and W oo
called water oo
represent the readers x or whomevers x most powerful totem x fetish x sign x tool x or weapon o such as oo the bow of artemis x mazes x the sea or seas x an alitheometer xz the bee and key o aslo represent pleasure and + addition for the M and pain and – subtraction for the W o

14 x oo
called a queen o aslo called black x as in the colour oo
the ainoni comma o means dead and asleep and sifginifies a named daughter o

15 Y oo
called fork oo
can aslo be written {v} oo symbolizes a touchstone x loadstone x mox x or other object associated with text o

16 z oo
called catch oo
means a catch of fish o means either/or x birthing and dying x reading x and traveling through text o aslo x i think x means travel of any kind x except that being over water o

17 8 oo
called poppy harvest oo
symbolizes two interlocked scythes o symbol of the texts distribution o might be ams sigil o

18 H and I oo
called utteral and inutteral respectively oo
the two symbols of communication o

19 o oo
called a pawn o aslo called white x as in the colour oo
the ainoni period o means awake and alive and sifginifies a mother calling their daughter(s) o aslo is the symbol for the miracles of kellhus in the new empire i think o

20 xx oo
called a king oo
the ainoni semicolon o means if/then o with o and z and Y ( or {v} ) loops a sentence for as many | as there appear o can be used with other symbol combinations such as d and z and H to create many layered voices and songs and chants and the like o

21 xo oo
called a knight oo
sifginifies the text was written during the night time o means if and only if o means a full moon o

22 ox oo
called a bishop oo
sifginifies the text was written while the sun was out o means therefore o means morning o

23 oo oo
called a rook oo
the ainoni colon oo sifginifies sharing the breath of life x the d’ni x ink/dragons blood x veganism x tears x and dragons o

24 < > oo
called ballet shoes oo
is the symbol of abstraction o is the symbol of the gnosis o all text within must express logic x deductive or inductive reasoning x and be able to be broken down into symbolic logic o

25 > < oo
called a story oo
symbol for anagogic sorcery o all text within must be either an analogy or a metaphore o

26 ----, ^^, vv, ^-v, v-^, ^^--vv, vv--^^, and all its derivatives oo
called passion or psuke oo
means joy and sorrow or joy versus sorrow x emotion x and the agony and the ecstasy o

27 @ oo
called carrying oo
symbol of pregnancy o drawn longhand as a triangle with a v in it o

28 # oo
called a web or a net or a unity? fish or called the spider web oo
represents the tekne in any form o aslo bbt o ;)

29 ____ oo
called the tep oo
means something underlined is supposed to come across as serious o deadly serious o

30 J oo
called the fish hook oo

31 // or / oo
called a tell? oo
the ainoni exclamation point o means division in whole or in parts o aslo means – subtraction o a tell? is what one fisherpersyn yells to another fisherpersyn from shore to boat or boat to boat wanting to know how the catch for the day was o

32 \\ or \ oo
called an ask! oo
the ainoni question mark o means multiplication in whole or in parts o aslo means + addition o an ask! is is what it is called when a fisherpersyn responds to another fisherpersyn’s tell? and describes the fishery catch they are bringing in o

33 _ _ _ _ oo
called the birc oo
means something underlined is supposed to come across as funny o deadly funny o

34 O oo
called show aslo called a perennial oo
symbolizes a crystal ball or a scrying pool or any kind of divination or divination tool o represents the new moon and singularities o

35 * oo
called a joke aslo called an aurora oo
the Morningstar x the nail of heaven x ( luciferianism ) x and humor o

36 A oo
called third oo
fearless x allah x s.j. x the solitary god x a third choice created o

37 V oo
called the host or the inverted host oo
shows inversion in text x pressure in text o

38 >||< oo
called real oo
symbol of the second apocalypse o the unification of all systems and things o

39 = oo
called fight or a fight aslo called a finis oo
balance of the force x balance in style x translates as ‘in war in peace’ o

40 o [ O ] o or ) O ( oo
called a circle takes the square oo
symbol of witchcraft x aslo called a nin’jan jin x expresses that a scripted document is in its final copy x brings good luck x shifts the listener to a statement or conversation o

41 AO oo
called a snakekead oo
means a jati of earwa x equals 55555 x stands for all x last x doing qirri, called washing your snakehead o

42 OA oo
called a cudgelhead oo
means the hundred gods x equals 100 or less x stands for most x middle x balance o

43 . or …. oo
called seed oo
the ainoni ellipse o shows that theres missing text x break in thought x trail off to silence o and means wait o

44 DD oo
called confusicate or a stutter oo
represents ((( ))) o

45 ((( ))) oo
called confusicate or a stutter oo
text within is illegible accept to the one who wrote it o text within must be screamed to be said x means character is screaming o

46 ( ) or D oo
called song oo
text within must be sung to be said x must flow beautifully o

47 [ ] or C oo
called spit oo
text within must be rapped to be said x must rhyme a lot and/or have alliteration x aslo onomatopoeia o

48 { } or B oo
called lampstands or lantern oo
text within must be whispered to be said x only the persyns of the authors intent can read what is within lampstands o

49 V= oo
called image oo
symbol for the word and phrase and idea ‘image’ o activity and exercise x speed of recital o

50 .. or 2 oo
called doubled trees oo
a two x aslo !! x means subservience to womyn as a mean x indicates sarcasm and joy and poking fun and excitement in a juvenile way as well as happiness o

51 5 oo
called a vegan oo
it symbolizes fire x smoke x tinder x ash x and air o aslo symbolizes love o

52 ! aslo written out as 5AOJ/|? oo
a tell ? oo
means – subtraction x means no but x is a heresy x burp versus sneeze x shit x called the inversions of cin’ial jin along with ? or 5OVJ/|! o

53 ? aslo written out as 5OVJ/|! oo
an ask ! oo
means + addition x means yes and x is a heretic x fart versus hiccup x piss called the inversions of cin’ial jin along with ! or 5AOJ/|? o

54 … or 3 oo
called apples oo
translated as ‘wise man’s choice’ x aslo!!! x about your god x means womyn serve childzen o

55 | or ||||||||||||| or ||| or any number of | oo
called swazond or a one oo
the unconditioned x the trackless steppe x total break in prose with more | equaling more of a break o symbolizes one o
you know how many
worlds weve gone through to get here
this is the last world