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General Misc. / Re: Companion Guide?
« on: October 27, 2017, 07:35:24 pm »
I think it would be very hard to get anything official done in this respect.

Though, what Tao wants is kind of like the Almanac (limited though it may be, thus far).

I've always thought - and mentioned to the pertinent parties - that a quality iBook version would sell well.
I wonder what it costs to produce something like that. I also wonder if grrm needed to give much input, he's pretty much a corporation at this point and probably has "people" that can make decisions about what information to include.

Speaking of grrm, wasn't there talk at one point about a SA series or movie? I imagine all hopes of official annotated editions or ibooks rest on the success of conversions to film.

I don't need (and would prefer not to have) things like The Consult Cookbook or the Scylvendi Wisdom Desk Calendar, but along with commercialization comes the hope that we would get something more immersive and helpful in understanding the series.

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General Misc. / Companion Guide?
« on: October 25, 2017, 04:14:57 pm »
This idea has probably been floated before...but what are the odds one of you very well read, very motivated individuals could put together a guide for this fucking series? I'd even pay for it. Self publish a PDF, start a Kickstarter, whatever it takes! Of course, I have no idea of the legalities of monetizing such a thing. I feel like "unofficial" biographies, fanfic, etc, etc get done all the time, although having Bakker's blessing would probably be the best course.

I raise this because there is soooo much information out there regarding every letter written, but it's all so spread out. The forum here, Westeros, TPB, AMA's, interviews, Wert's History of Earwa, that damned appendix in TUC. I'd do some fairly depraved things to have access to something that sorted information chronologically as it related to the text. I feel like I could develop a much better understanding of the books if as I read them, I had access to correlating notations. To have read that prologue the first time (or even the second) ... "This Sranc here - you could not pronounce its name - was our *elju*... our 'book,' you would say in your tongue. A most devoted animal. I'll be wrecked without it - for a time, anyway." Boy, would some extra-textual information have been great. And maybe a lot of people enjoy being thrown in with no navigation, but for me, and I suspect for others, being able to go back through a second or third time with a guide would be a very cool thing. Any takers?

General Q&A / Re: K's Mark, Mim's Eye *spoilers*
« on: March 04, 2017, 11:28:22 pm »
Thanks for the feedback everyone! I appreciate the clearification. It sounds like where the JE is concerned there just isnt alot to go on so far.

H, i have read all the books so far, but it was over a 4 year time span. The most recent installment i bought the day it was released and read in 3 days. As much as i enjoyed binge reading it, im sure i missed a ton of the smaller details, and with UC coming up i thought a reread of the whole series was in order. Glad this forum is here, as much as I enjoy Bakker's style i feel like someone should release an annoted version. The sheer scope of things is overwhelming!

General Q&A / K's Mark, Mim's Eye *spoilers*
« on: March 01, 2017, 12:34:22 am »
Ive been creeping on these boards for a while, first post though, so I apologise if these are rehashed topics. Ive been working on my first re-read and wanted some clearification about a few things:

In, i beleive, the WP Aka remarks that it's a good thing Khellus isnt one of the few because of his preternatural abilities. Turns out K is one of the few. Why wasnt Aka able to see this before K tells him? The mark is only seen after one practices sorcery? Someone as practiced as Aka cant tell who is predisposed to the ability? How does K even know of his own abilities given his limited understanding of magic?

In researching as much as i could find on the judging eye ability, i noticed alot of people seem to think it's caused by the baby. I think even Aka ties it to being pregnant, but Mimara uses the eye on Aka the night he brings her food...before they even bang. So it cant be the kid. Is there a theory on this ability outside of pregnancy?

This is simply speculation: Assuming the story doesnt end with Khellus rolling into Golgotterath and kicking Consult ass, saving the world, etc, etc...he's gotta be removed somehow. Given his absurd omnipotence, anyone else suspect the Heron Spear makes an appearance in this regard?

Thanks for any feedback!

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