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1. Wracu! I want some dragons. I understand that given what we've been told (they're all cowards), we probably aren't going to see these guys until after the No-God returns, but I was hoping for something. If not dragons, at least some additional Tekne creations. Tekne insects? More skinspies with souls? More Synthese?

2. Ciphrang! Whether it's seeing the Scarlet Spires throw down with the Diamos, seeing what meta-Diamotic insights Kellhus has uncovered, or just the (presumed) research the Consult has done in this area, I was hoping to see some Ciphrang loosed for or against the Horde. Seems especially appropriate given the greater focus this book has on the Outside and the Gods. At least Malowebi's death promises something of this in the next book.

3. The ruins of Ishual were a bit disappointing for me (to be clear: the fact that it was ruined, I thought the actual chapters worked very well). I was hoping for an opportunity to see what "sane" Dunyain act like. Also, answers to minor things like "are all Dunyain of the Few" and "why are they learning to read faces if the only people whose faces they see can't be read".

4. More direct confrontation with the Consult. Kellhus fighting Aurang, Swayali fighting Erratic Quya, Mandate fighting whatever remains of the Mangaecca. I anticipate this will happen in a big way in The Unholy Consult, but a taste would have been nice. Maybe Aurang smacking down Saccarees instead of leaving. What has the Consult been up to? What magical secrets have they uncovered with 2000 years to work?

5. Are we just dropping the "what did Mimara do to her Chorae" question? Also, what's the deal with Chipmunk (Achamian sounds like he's about to make a big deal of it just as they're captured)? Did I miss something here?

What TGO not do that you wanted? What did it make you want to see in future books?

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