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« on: November 27, 2013, 11:53:02 am »
This has been updated to reflect all new links.

Quote from: Madness
Willem suggested this thread to consolidate fan resources on and off the forum. I've updated this post to include an extra-plethora of redundant links.

1. There is a sticky'd thread with a link to all Cu'jara Cinmoi's posts. At this point, I'm not personally going to take the time to transcribe Bakker's Zombies Three Seas posts. Everyone is welcome to pollute that thread with their favorites. That includes any aphorisms that anyone would like to share. Eventually that thread can earn the title curated like lockesnow suggested. [It actually became its own thread: Curated Sayings].

2. lockesnow was kind enough to consolidate the epigrams from all the books for us. In every book subforum [WLW, TJE, TTT,
TWP, TDTCB] there is a sticky'd thread. I'm working on consolidating TPB's aphorisms and the new ones Bakker's been doing over social media: [This has been done within Curated Sayings]. Truth Shines, I believe, and Wilshire also got the Wikiquote project off the hop and everyone is welcome to partake in those threads (again, sticky'd by subforum [WLW, TJE, TTT, TWP, TDTCB].

3. I'm not sure what qualifies as critical responses - I have a list of Interviews & Articles that I'd consolidated over the years. lockesnow still has a few - referenced in other threads - where Bakker has some quality commentary on people's responses and reviews. Anyone is welcome to add any links to anything qualifying as relating to Bakker but also not an Interview & Article, like reviews, responses, commentary.

4. Fan Resources:
There's The Prince of Nothing Wiki.
The aforementioned Wikiquote: The Second Apocalypse, R. Scott Bakker.
Three Pound Brain - Bakker's Blog.
Many, many threads on Westeros Literature forum [enumerated by book titles and roman numerals. They are a couple odd threads out - as our speculation was and is insatiable - but you can ask around there for those or search the history for Bakker and other keywords.

5. Everyone is welcome to and encouraged to participate in The Almanac [Nearing the end of TDTCB!]. All I can ask, at this point, is that people participate in the forum at large as they can - we all have unique lives.

Also, please add anything that would qualify as a resource that I've missed.


Zombie Three-Seas - The Resurrected Read-Only version of Three-Seas forum, a forum for the Second Apocalypse which was finally overwhelmed by Spam Sranc after the release of TJE.

Summary of Where We Left Off: The Unholy Consult

The Second Apocalypse's First Forum Apocalypse - The first rendition of the Second Apocalypse Forum [though all posts are/will be moved from the Forumer Second Apocalypse].

Exclusive Second Apocalypse The Unholy Consult Ch. 1 Excerpt.

Wilshire's Ch. 3 Excerpt Adventure.
The Existential Scream
Weaponizing the Warrior Pose - Declare War Inwardly
carnificibus: multus sanguis fluit
Die Better
The Theory-Killer