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« on: November 29, 2017, 06:55:44 pm »

4% Complete.

1. KING Proyas. Honestly, as soon as I saw his name, I smiled. :) I guess his father either died or retired. Always happy to see my second favorite character despite his hard on the for Aspect-Emperor.

2. Kelmomas! Shine on, you crazy diamond! You are the most adorable sociopath! Looks like his love for his mother is sincere though. A redeeming quality. Awwww…Honestly, the bug thing is something that MOST children have done. What makes him a bit wicked is his “second voice”. As for people being like bugs? Nah. Most people are more like dogs. Pack animals, but not too large. Social, but between social butterflies and cats.

3. And I’m #TeamConsult. Sorry, favorite characters. Looks like the new Empire is basically the same shit, only with better window dressing. Fuck the kneelers, fuck the “Holy Emperor/Empress” and fuck every one now that I think of it. I can understand interdependence, but even that has twisted to become what I see as FASCISM. That can go to hell. So many awesome people…lost to the Aspect-Emperor. :( Even if the world is safe from the MEAN NO-GOD, I can’t see much of anything changing for the better.

4. At least sorcery is conveniently no longer blasphemy. At least there seems to be less of a class division. I guess there is some improvement. But, shit with some glitter is still shit.

Maybe I’m just not being fair. Oh well.

5. Mimara is still alive! Can’t wait to meet her! I sense that she may be with Achamian though and NOT one of the kneelers. Not anymore. Wherever she is, yea, I can see Kelmomas regretting not killing her. Maybe she’ll end up killing him instead.

23% Complete. I stayed up all night reading this. Jesus…not the first time I’ve done that for ANY reason. It’s just that I’m not supposed to do that due to health reasons.

1. Sorry Esmenet. You are not best girl anymore. Mimara is best girl now. And I feel so many things for Esmenet. I can only say that whatever the New Empire is, she is NOT innately a tyrant. Conphas would NOT be soul searching the way she is. She’s coming up with rationalizations, justifications, excuses, doubts, etc. This is something people like Cersei Lannister would never do. Not really. At least not for humane reasons. Esmenet is telling herself that the people are kept safe with “discipline”, but the sad thing is that no one is really safe. SHE’S not safe and neither are her children. Oftentimes, tyrants rule with fear because they themselves are paranoid and afraid.

I mean, I buy the argument of “harsh but necessary”. I can see the need to run a “tight ship”, “firm hand”, etc. Hell, I can see a strict autocracy sometimes, but tyranny is a bit different as it has different signs. I generally find it inexcusable as it’s possible to be autocratic/authoritative without descending into actual tyranny. It’s just hard to do, unfortunately. The key is, what happens after the war. Will the tight control relax? Will it remain the way it is? Will things change for the better for the MANY instead of just the few? For EVERY ONE? Honestly, I doubt it. War is an excuse. The government in 1984 used the same excuse.

Kelmomas called it too. It’s KELLHUS they fear more than Esmenet. Don’t get me wrong, Esmenet can and does command respect on her own and I’m sure she’s loved/feared/respected in her own right, but it’s just not the same. She knows it too.

And unfortunately, she’s dead wrong about people “suffering in silence” when they are starving. No matter what lies you tell, hungry people don’t suffer in silence. Just ask the Irish. How silent were they during the Potato Famine? There is a reason why there is an undercurrent of doubt, people most likely wanting to leave(I wonder what happens to the starving people trying to leave?), and the constant threat of rebellion. And here’s the thing, many sovereigns had no fear of rebellion for any reason. In fact, I bet some LOVED the challenge. But, those kinds of people are not ruled by fear. That is, if they’re afraid of anything.

She was reading WAY too much in that stupid poem. She let it get to her. So it’s either insecurity or she fears/knows/suspects that it’s true. Easy for Mathinet to play on. Easy for him to use that as a means of saying “talk can spead” and then do what tyrants do: eliminate the artists and the intellectuals. The former because they generally make poor servants/slaves as they tend to be provocative and have temperaments that don’t really agree much with the servitude a “Kellian Empire” would demand, the latter because they question everything and are therefore threatening.

Anyway, #TeamConsult. Fuck the New Empire. Sure, it has some positive changes, but, like I said, what happens when the war ends? What will happen to that witch’s school? Will it be here to stay or will it be forced to disband when they have outlived their usefulness?

2. Akka! Why are you so mean to Mimara? :( Mimara is best girl now. Hopefully, he was just testing her and it looks like she has passed. Her “Judging Eye” reminds me of the Dragon Eye in Breath of Fire 2. Too bad it’s currently only showing her things that the world already justifies. Like say, slavery. Or women just HAVE to submissive to men simply for being women. Then, there are her own biases. If she’s straight(or has internalized misogyny), then of COURSE men would shine more brightly than women. That being said, at least she has a good idea of who is naughty and who is nice. I like her. So far, so good.

3. Whether or not hope is a slaver’s enemy simply depends on the hope. Hope that “if I do as I’m told/am good/work hard enough, then I’ll be free” is hardly an enemy. Hope of escape, winning, being rescued, well, yea. That’s an enemy.

4. Proyas. So broken. His hair/beard is SILVER? What is he? 120? ;) But, it’s obvious that he is wrecked. I guess years of constant war will do that to you. Yea, it’s true that some people are afraid of losing their power/privlidge, but it’s not the only thing they’re afraid of. There is a REASON why Sorweel’s father refused to yield. He knew that willingly surrendering and being forced to surrender would simply lead to the same thing: Slavery. The only difference is the color of the chain. TBH, I’m relieved that there are no actual democracies, republics, and socialist states(actual socialist states and not reformist/deformed whatevers who call themselves socialist) on Earwa. I think for those countries to fall to Kellhus would be the most devastating of falls.  At least countries of the North are accustomed to feudal/absolute monarchies/slave states. 

5. Sorweel! Hello, Sorweel! How do you do? I like you. I liked your father. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like in your situation. And honestly, looks like Kellhus has a use for you. Honestly, it’s the only reason why you were spared.

33% Complete.

1. Called Samamras’s death! Knew it as soon as Kelmomas was left alone with his brother. I thought he’d be pushed off, which is typical, but the way Kel set it up was pretty smart. It guaranteed a quick death, so it’s clear that while he wanted Samar dead, he didn’t want him to suffer. The alarming thing is that I know that I’m supposed to be outraged and yet, I just thought it was funny. I really didn’t care that much. I guess it’s because there just isn’t enough of Samarmras to care all that deeply about. I was more upset with INRAU’S death and if Kel killed someone like say, Akka, then I would have been howling for his blood.

It might also be because of what the second voice asked. I think THAT’S the spirit of his brother.

Looks Kelmomas has MOMMY all to himself. But, poor Esmenet though. She is wrecked. I like the super logical daughter though. People like her are often very interesting. She’s like the android in the first Star Trek movie.

The funeral scene was very touching and it shows how humane Esmenet really is. :(

2. CLERIC! Oh YES! This is going to be awesome! I love the Nonmen. Every time they show up, things get SUPER interesting! They are such lovely and insane people and I understand how and why it happened. Still, want more of these guys!

3. Yatwer is an interesting cult. I can see why she’s so popular with many caste-menials/slaves. My problem is that while she and her followers acknowledge how the system is, they don’t seem interested in really changing it. They STILL consider magic “blasphemy” even though it would help them, and especially women, in general. I guess old habits die hard. They just seem reactionary to me. Like, sure, they want change, but it’s more about turning back the clock than anything else.

I can see why Yatwer is feared. Her symbol says it all. Not only is she a Goddess of birth/life, she is one of death. Most people fear death. I like the Mother Supreme. Honestly, I like this cult. One of the few religious sects I can sympathize with.

4. Am I the only one who found the smex between Akka and Mimara a bit unnecessary? Speaking of Akka, he would miss the people he left behind because he didn’t seem them as mere chattel. He saw them as people who helped him out. He saw them as people who were kind to him. The Library Dream. Waaa…what a huge loss. Damn dragons. I bet Mimara will be joining the very interesting group of scalpers eventually. Whatever the case, I’m sure she’ll be okay for awhile.

5. I bet Proyas would have loved having “The Judging Eye”. Just wanted to throw that out there.

48% Complete.

1. Come on! Enough of the fucking rape/attempted rape. I know these guys are crazy, but it’s just getting annoying now. Poor Mimara, but at least she handles herself quite well(eh, she’s used to it. :/) AND she is finally learning SORCERY! WHEEE!!!1 Hopefully, she won’t end up dead or betray Achamian. Let’s see, Proyas was the first and ended up VERY hostile(and needlessly MEAAAAAN) because magic is blasphemy. Bah. Second, was Inrau and he ended up dead. BOOO! Third, was Kellhus and yea, we all know how that went.

And Achamian is being awesome again! YAY!

2. Interesting how Esmenet sold Mimara into slavery and is then OUTRAGED at her being in a brothel. Would she have been so outraged if Mimara end a domestic slave? And such extreme reactions might be why there is a lot of rumbling towards the New Empire. And Mimara wasn’t happy about it either. Yea, who WAS being avenged?

3. Poor Sorweel. So trapped. A powerless King and clearly haunted. To witness cruelty and are powerless to stop it. At least a follower of Yatwer is with you. An interesting slave. Love how Proyas boldly walks into the tent trying to make friends despite the language barrier. I don’t know what the hell he was expecting. I mean, the kid’s father is dead, he witnessed an acquiantace being treated cruelly, and he knows that he’s basically fucked.

4. I really do like the campfire camaraderie scenes. Yea, I know how Achamian feels when you find yourself alone after being with others. Except I only felt it playing Dark Souls. Still, he has his own “niche” now. I just hope they don’t get any ideas about Mimara.

5. Black Halls? Yea, I’m sure that’ll end well. I think all but, like, five will end up dying.

58% Complete. Breezing through this!

1. The Kellhus port was just straight up cheap. CHEAP. Esmenet and Mathinet needed to be saved from some bitter, power mongering old woman? Really? Yea, she’s difficult, but not beyond Esmenet AND Mathinet. Come on. And the shit about pride? I see right through that. Kellhus’s idea of pride is someone not willing to be a slave. Someone not willing or able to kiss his ass.

2. Poor Esmenet. She is clearly miserable and probably was since she became Empress. It’s one thing to be a reluctant leader(these sorts do tend to be excellent leaders, like Jon Snow), but it’s another to be TOO reluctant(it’s just as bad as being too eager)and extremely unhappy. It might explain some of the needless cruelty. Acting for the ages? Really, Kellhus? It’s one thing to be like a jury member who must act in accordance of the law, but this is different. Shouldn’t the New Empire also usher in a New Age? I know there’s a war and one before the Second Holy War, but as I asked before, what happens after it?

She is clearly being set up to end up holding the bag when things eventually “go South”.

3. Ah, Yatwer. How can your cultists be so right and so wrong? White Luck warrior is CNAIUR. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Would be odd for him to fight for the most vulnerable of society, but then again, it’s been awhile.

4. Sorweel is such a mess. Poor guy. Looks like some people are willing to befriend him though. No, not Kellhus’s kids, but the Zeumi prince. I guess Sorweel has that going for him which is nice. Anyway, the fact that he is forced to kneel. The fact that ANYONE is. At least the Prince Imperial Kayutas is honest about it. “We are all slaves to my father.” Freedom is Slavery? LOLOLOLOL. I wonder if Bakker was influenced by “1984”. I wonder if Sorweel has a foot fetish? ;)

5. Hi, Serwa.

77% Complete.

1. I know that Kelmomas is supposed to be hateable and scary, but I just think he’s hilarious! TWEET TWEET TWEETTWEETTWEET! And yea, poor Esmenet will be blamed. Come on, Kelmo, you’re supposed to love your mommy. Why put her through more trouble than she’s already in? But, I guess he just loves chaos because it’s a ladder and it’s fun.

2. Prince Zsonga has it figured out, for sure, but “children” is a nice way of putting it. Cnaiur is right. It’s SLAVES. I think the difference is that with the Scalvendi, slavery only applies to combat losers, but for Kellhus, it applies to every one. That’s a form of “equality” that is not a good thing, especially since Kellhus and the Dunyain consider themselves “more equal than others.” I do worry for that Prince though because he is clearly not 100% into Kellhus and I think that will be found out eventually.

3. I get really cranky when I hear things like “we are not equal” because to me, it’s used to justify cruelty/slavery/abuse towards those whose only crime is not being as “rich/talented/right color/” as others. It is almost always an excuse made by the privileged. The thing is, I KNOW people aren’t the same, but that doesn’t make say, slavery, okay. “We are all fragments of God”. Oh, shut up, Madate Sorceror.

4. Cleric has stolen the show. Then again, every time the Nonmen show up, they steal the show. The scenes involving Achamian and the “Slog” are my favorites. I LOVE the banter. I love the comic relief.

5. Maybe Sorweel is the White Luck Warrior? That would be interesting, especially given his situation.

I can’t think of anything else right now. I just want to get through this and White Luck Warrior. I want to know what is going on with the last two books.

The Judging Eye. Complete.

1. I don’t believe Cnaiur is dead. I think that was miswritten or something like that.

2. Just reading the last part of the book was a SLOG. Jesus Christ. That place made the mines of Moria look like Disneyland. Those poor Emwama people. And THAT many years living a fate worse than death. Maybe the betrayal was for something more than just petty reasons. Maybe they were scared that they would end up like the Emwama. Now that I’ve read who the Emwama were, I can see why they were massacred. Those people were broken beyond repair. Better off dead. At least Karma took a big shit on the Nonmen.

3. Achamian still has his sense of humor! YAY! So did the Skin Eaters.

“You can have a scranc scratch your ass!”

“Yea, but then my ass would stink!”

I felt so many things through that journey. I can’t write them all down, but they are OUT and that is good. I love that Mimara is going everything she can, including being an action girl. Nice to see that Cleric survived the Wraith King. I know he’ll be trouble later and it will be glorious.

4. Looks like Kellhus can’t read Sorweel. White Luck? Anyway, I love the ignorance about genetics and what women REALLY are when bearing children. Eh, how are they supposed to know?  I’m surprised that the Zeum prince wasn’t called out for anything. I guess it’s because he’s not perceived as a problem. Not yet anyway.

5. Yea, it’s painfully obvious that Kelmomas wants Esmenet all to himself, but he is causing her so much grief, but hey, she turns to him, right? Unmoved mover? Yea, right. You wish, kiddo. I think he’s trying to get Esmenet to abdicate and if that doesn’t work, then try to create scandal by setting up an affair with Mathinet.

6. It kind of bothers me to see Proyas and Saubon become little more than backgrounds. I guess they both had their moments in the sun, but still…would have been nice to see more of them.

Anyway, on to White Luck Warrior.
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