My Tumblr Reactions to The False Sun

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« on: November 29, 2017, 08:19:16 pm »

Just because I tapped out of the Unholy Consult, doesn’t mean I tapped out of the SA series entirely. I will always recommend it. Don’t let a weeper like me stop you from soldiering on. Anyway,

1. Check this quote out: “For I have seen the virtuous in Hell and the wicked in Heaven. And I swear to you, brother, the scream you hear in the one and the sigh you hear in the other sound the same.”


I thought immediately of this song:

Heaven’s a LIE! I bet it’s a lie! Just like the cake is a lie. Just like Mankor Cameron’s Paradise in ES: Oblivion and the final level for Blue in Saga Frontier: HEAVEN’S a LIE! Can you imagine? Mimara and Esmenet and a few other people are “saved” and “holy”, but I think they will scream in horror when they find someone like CONPHAS there. What kind of heaven would it be when you see wicked people there? AWKWARD. And it’s also possible that “damnation” might not be as bad as it’s made out to be. What if “damnation” turned out to be AWESOME, but it’s only terrible because people think it is so that’s what they see? It wouldn’t be too bad if it really was full of “virtuous” people. The Ciphrang would still NOM, but no one would notice.

The Non Men appearently wanted to circumvent the WHOLE THING for good reason. They wanted neither heaven or hell.

2. Shaeönanra is interesting as hell. It’s no shock and he and his school ended up being rather wicked. They figure that they’re damned anyway, so why bother being good? Virtue is meaningless and it gets you nowhere. That, and the fact that they’re trying to find ways to escape damnation.

3. Day Lantern? Can I have one? That thing sounds AWESOME! Titigra is AWESOME! MAN! More of him, please! I saw fanart of it and IT IS AWESOME! The fanart is pretty amazing in this fandom.

4. So, Aurang and Shae are lovers? Well, why not? If they have a great and loving relationship, then more power to them! However, most fandom slashers will not go near this one, I’m sure.

5. If Titigra ended up Damned, then I will guarantee you that he is having a blast! Come on! The guy has a BABY skull braided in his beared! How can this guy be anything other than awesome!? And OF COURSE he doesn’t believe anything Shae said. Why should he? Shae had no proof other than some alien.

6. Archeme is a nice throw back to Archemedies, the one who supposedly invented a giant mirror that uses the sun to BURN THINGS. He’s known for a lot more, but I don’t remember. Mathmatics maybe? I know it wasn’t just Euclid.

7. I don’t blame Shae for being cheap against Titigra. That guy was POWERFUL just standing around. The ending. Yikes! The loving couple make love…awww…well, can’t say I blame them. They earned it.
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« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2018, 09:36:33 pm »
Thanks for reminding me about Lacuna Coil!

Also Shae/Aurang slash lol  ??? :o