The Maganecca

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« Reply #45 on: April 12, 2014, 10:56:31 pm »
well the mangaecca and the mandate both have incentives to enforce non-proliferation of the gnosis, neither really has an incentive to proliferate such a weapon, particularly because weapons have a habit of being turned on their donors eventually.

IDK, imagine the Consult emissary showing up in Carythusal making the Scarlet Spires an offer they can't reject.  Whoever wants some sweet-ass gnosis only needs to journey north to have a look at this "inverse fire" thingy.  :)

That is a pretty good rebuttal. The Mangecca might not actually have to teach anyone, but just offer it. The Anagogic school would be eager to learn, and it wouldn't take much compelling to get them to come with them, especially if the Inchoroi used skin-spies and such.

Skin spies would not only be impressive, give 'em a few chorae and they can just compel a few sorcerers to go north.  Bind up like Akka on the slog, take 'em into a desolate spot, get picked up by a nonman chariot.  Later, scarlet magi return with a consult emissary and a story to tell.