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I apologize if it is already known but i certainly didn't, or at least missed it somehow.

In The Great Ordeal, Oinaral brings Sorwheel to the great elevator in the centre of Ishterebinth.
This is piloted by the Most Ancient Warrior. A Nonman by the name of Mirimhiras who tends to the Erratic and Tall by feeding them swine.

“There is no speaking on the Mere,” Oinaral said, still reckoning what he had done. “If you speak on the Mere, Morimhira will kill you.”

When i was looking through the glossary at the end of The Unholy Consult i noticed the entry for Morimhira:

"Morimhira (?—)—The oldest of the Nonmen to be rendered immortal by the Inoculation. The elder brother of Cu’huriol, Morimhira gained fame for refusing to accept the Seal of the House Primordial, dooming his younger brother to be King instead, and so delivering his race to the folly of Cu’jara Cinmoi. According to legend, he believed himself too bloodthirsty—and true to this appraisal, lived a life of near continuous war and slaughter. His age relative to his appearance was already a marvel ere he received the Inoculation. When he alone, out of all the elders, survived, he became known as the Most Ancient Warrior—for he was indeed the oldest Nonman living."

I love the depth in Bakkers works. You must work for every little revelation with so little spoon fed to you. I think i have learned more on this sub and through the glossary than i ever did on a first read of any book in the series.

I also thought it was extremely cool that both the youngest and most ancient Nonmen were together on this occasion.

Again, apologies if this was already known.

EDIT: I added the Spoiler tag to the tread title, just in case. -H

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